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Welcome to Attila’s MMA + Fitness Academy. A family-orientated gym that welcomes everyone, from kids to moms to business people, fit or unfit, beginner or expert.

Whatever your level or fitness or your walk of life, if you’re looking for a place to get fit, lose weight, or train, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll receive a warm welcome at Attila’s whoever you are – we’re not just about fighting, but about helping your personal dreams take flight. Boost your confidence, get slimmer, work off your stress and learn how to stand up to bullies at school. We’re always looking for new members of the Attila’s family, and we’ll make room for you.

Attila’s MMA training and having fun go hand-in-hand! Whatever your goals, the discipline of MMA training will help you achieve them. Learn how to defend yourself in an unpredictable world, and watch your career take off as you apply what you’ve gained from your time in the gym. You’ll feel more confident in every situation, and we promise that you’ll enjoy yourself along the way. There’s no need to feel intimidated – come and experience Attila’s today and you’ll discover a world of fitness, friendship and fun.

Drills & Skills

Eat, sleep, train, repeat. Get personalised training programmes from our expert MMA and fitness coaches and hone your core strength, enhance your self-belief and build your character. Champions are made when no-one’s watching.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Anti-Bullying Programme Training will help your kids feel more confident, and less likely to be picked on at school. It will also give them a positive, energetic outlet for exam stress and pressure.

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Combat Fitness

A fitness programme for everybody! High intensity core strength training with pumping music and a great atmosphere. Use boxing and kickboxing moves to get fitter than ever before and get yourself into great shape. Be motivated and energised.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Learn wrestling, grappling, boxing, kickboxing and striking skills in a fun environment. The moves you see in the ring, without having to fight anyone. Except boredom and laziness and any excuses!

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Fit for Purpose

Why Choose Attila's MMA

Our proven track record of helping people improve their skills at every level speaks for itself. We bring passion, dedication and commitment to your training programme.



Make new friends, join a community and have fun at the same time as getting fit and healthy. Dedicated classes for everyone, no matter how fit, young or old you are.



Attila is recognised as one of South Africa’s leading MMA coaches. He has demonstrated his ability to coach promising fighters to the highest levels of the sport.



Attila’s MMA and Fitness Academy has all the facilities you need under one roof. Think of us as your one-stop combat fitness academy and the home of the kick-ass class.



Attila’s MMA and Team CIT fighters have won belts in multiple MMA divisions, and a new generation is now making a name for itself. Train where the champions train?

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What do our clients say?

Attila’s training sessions are practical - never an easy session but good fun while we worked hard.

- Cobus Grobbelaar Lions Rugby Captain

“The weekly session with Attila is undoubtedly the highlight and covers strength, flexibility and cardiovascular”

- Dr Jan Coetzee Cardiac & Thoracic Surgeon

Starting Attila’s children’s fitness classes has been a turning point in my children’s lives

- Dr Sara Boyd Vetinary Surgeon

I have grown leaps and bounds, learning from Attila and putting together my skills for a more all-round fighting style

Dricus Du Plessis 2 Division EFC Champion